Practical English Phrasal Verbs

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How to use this book

You can use this book either as a reference for learning phrasal verbs that you have read or heard in daily life (scan the index for this approach,) or as a structured guide for learning a few phrasal verbs at a time. I recommend doing one lesson every two or three days if you want to use the second approach. The lessons gradually increase in difficulty.

What is a phrasal verb?

A phrasal verb is an idiomatic expression that consists of at least two parts, most commonly: a verb and an adverb (look up,) a verb and

a preposition (come across,) or both (come up with.) There are rare exceptions to these structures (take care of,) but the vast majority of phrasal verbs fall into one of these types.

A phrasal verb can have multiple meanings Example:

“Hold on a minute.”                          (Wait a minute.)

“They held on for the win.”                (They persevered and managed to be successful despite difficulties.)

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Thank you for purchasing Practical English Phrasal Verbs. This book is the product of over ten years of English teaching experience. It is a reference guide intended for self-study or classroom study, and it was written with English students and teachers in mind.

The name Practical English Phrasal Verbs was chosen with the belief that second language learners need clear and useful vocabulary to develop their skills and confidence. With that

in mind, I have chosen to focus on one hundred of the most common English phrasal verbs with only the most modern definitions and usages. You will not find definitions that are only relevant to a particular past decade or century in these pages, nor ones that have a low rate of use. My goal is for this book to be useful no matter which definition or example a student opens up to, and for it to remain relevant for many to come.


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